Biosafety Unit is a unit that carries out surveillance audit pertaining to the evaluation, risk assessment and invigilation of the biosafety at the respective laboratories involve with any biological research or experiments, in line with the requirement of the The Biosafety Act 2007.


  • Responsible for managing the registration of the Biosafety Committee (BCU) with the National Biosafety Board (NBB).
  • Responsible for managing the preparation and dissemination of guidelines for researchers regarding biosafety policy and research-related problems LMO's / GMO's and also safety of laboratory and others.
  • Support the application process from UTHM researchers whose involve with LMO / GMO that requiring approval from the National Biological Safety Board (NBB).

Biosafety -

The contaiment principles, technologies and practices that are implemented to prevent the unintentional exposure to pathogens and toxins or thier accidental release.

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