Factory and Machinery Unit is a unit that manage the control of factories with respect to matters relating to the safety, health and welfare of person therein, the registration and inspection of machinery and for matters connected therewith.


Machinery Safety Section
    1. Consultancy to all UTHM staffs relating to the purchasing of machinery that requiring certificates of fitness (CF) to operate from Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH/JKKP) such as steam boiler, unfired pressure vessel and hoisting machine other than a hoisting machine driven by manual. 
    2. Support application from UTHM staffs relating to make regular inspection every machinery during the fifteen months following the month in which the last inspection was made by inspector from Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH/JKKP).
    3. Support application from UTHM staffs relating to postponement a regular inspection of machinery which requires a certificate of fitness on the date on which the validity of such certificate expires.

Electrical and Gas Safety Section

  1. Process and monitor the work involving the application Permit To Work (PTW) for the job - working electricity and gas. 
  2. Inspect and ensure the safety and compliance of the law involving electrical and gas work.

Building Operations And Works Of Engineering Construction Safety Section

  1. Ensure all building operations and works of engineering comply with provisions of the Act and any regulations made thereunder are complied with; and promote the safe conduct of work generally within the worksite.
  2. Inspecting and rectifying any unsafe place of work, correcting any unsafe practice, checking sub-constructors' work to ensure compliance with the Act and the regulations made thereunder using PTW and to liaise with Safety Officer (SHO) and Contractor's Safety Supervisors (CSS) in building operations and works of engineering.

Hygiene and Ergonomics Section

  1. To receive complaints and conduct the assessment of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
  2. Carry out an investigation, inspection or testing of engineering control systems related health in the workplace such as exhaust fan, fume hood and Local exhaust ventilation.


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