The unit serves as the designer and leader for the university community on hazard risk managementrelated sources of ionising radiation and chemicals through compiliance with national legislation. Radiation protection is an integral part of general health procedures, safety regulations and management systems at the workplace. The safe use and handling of radiation sources can be accomplished through familirisation with the associated technical topics. Safety can be assured when organization and radiation workers have enough information and practice the right working procedure.


Radiation Protection Section

  • Intermediary between the university and the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) regarding radiation protection at the university.
  • Advise the licensee on matters of radiation workers and giving instructions to employees about their duties.
  • To establish, maintain and enforce radiation protection program at the university.
  • Manage radiation license renewal every two years.
  • Organize and manage radiation protection program for handling, storage, transport and use of irradiation apparatus, radioactive material, nuclear material and objects define by Act 304.
  • Manage medical surveillance program for radiation workers.
  • Classification of the work area as "control", "supervision" and "clean".

Chemical Safety Section

  • To manage the collection, storage , packaging, re-labeling and disposal of waste (chemical) for twice a year
  • To manage monthly waste (clinical) collection and disposal
  • To manage monthly procurement and supply of consumable items (autoclave plastic, yellow plastic and cans)


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